Gordon Korman Bibliography

Some of Gordon's readers haven't been around from the very beginning. Others haven't read as many of his titles. A few may be visiting this site for information for reports. Whatever the reason for checking out this page, here you'll find a list of all Gordon's books, in the order they were written. Year of first publication follows in red. By 2012, the number of published books has reached more than 75 titles.

This Can't Be Happening at Macdonald Hall '78
Go Jump In The Pool
Beware The Fish '80
I Want To Go Home '81
Who Is Bugs Potter '80
Our Man Weston '82
Bugs Potter LIVE at Nickaninny '83
The War With Mr. Wizzle '82
No Coins Please '84
Don't Care High '85
Son Of Interflux '86
A Semester In The Life Of A Garbage Bag '87
The Zucchini Warriors '88
Radio 5th Grade '89
Losing Joe's Place '90
Macdonald Hall Goes Hollywood '91
The D- Poems of Jeremy Bloom '92
The Twinkie Squad '92
The Toilet Paper Tigers '93
Why Did The Underwear Cross The Road '94
The Last-Place Sports Poems of Jeremy Bloom '96
Something Fishy At Macdonald Hall
The Chicken Doesn't Skate
Liar, Liar Pants On Fire
The Sixth Grade Nickname Game
Quarterback Exchange: I was John Elway
Running Back Conversion: I was Barry Sanders
Super Bowl Switch: I was Dan Marino
Heavy Artillary: I was Junior Seau
Ultimate Scoring Machine: I was Jerry Rice
NFL Rules! Bloopers, Pranks, Upsets, and Touchdowns
No More Dead Dogs
Slapshots 1 - The Stars From Mars
Nose Pickers From Outer Space
Slapshots 2 - All-Mars All-Stars
Planet Of the Nose Pickers
Slapshots 3 - The Face-off Phony
Your Mummy Is A Nose Picker
Slapshots 4 - Cup Crazy
Invasion Of The Nose Pickers
Shipwreck (Island Book 1)
Survival (Island Book 2)
Escape (Island Book 3)
Son Of the Mob
The Contest (Everest Book 1) '02
The Climb (Everest Book 2) '02
The Summit (Everest Book 3) '02

Maxx Comedy: The Funniest Kid in America'03
Jake, Reinvented '03
Dive Trilogy '03
Son of the Mob: Hollywood Hustle '04
On the Run (Series) '04-'05
Born to Rock '05
Kidnapped (Series) '06
Schooled '07
Swindle '08
The Juvie Three '08
One False Note (39 Clues Book 2) '08
Zoobreak '09
Pop '09
The Emperor's Code (39 Clues Book 8) '10
Framed '10
Titanic Trilogy '11
The Medusa Plot (Kahills vs. Vespers Book 1) '11
Showoff '12
Ungifted '12
Hideout '13

Short Stories / Other

Gordon has also had three short stories (in one case in the format of a play) published, and we figured we might as well provide information on these, as well.

Hamish Mactavish is Eating a Bus -- Appearing in From One Experience to Another, edited by Dr. M Jerry Wiess & Helen S. Weiss '97

A Reasonable Sum -- Appearing in Connections, edited by Donald R. Gallo '89

Homicide Meets Mr. Gold Medal -- SCOPE Magazine, year uncertain