The Chicken Doesn't Skate


Who would have thought one small chicken could turn a whole school upside down? Meet "The Subject," aka Henrietta. She's the basis for Milo Neal's science fair project, a study of the complete life-cycle of a link in the food chain. She is also the most popular chick on campus.

Henrietta seems to be all things to all people; a killer mascot who is Adam Lurie's only chance to bring his Rangers hockey team to victory, a darling, sensitive living creature who's rights are being abused to Kelly Marie Ginsburg, and a chance to really interest her students in science to Mrs. Baggio. Henrietta even has an arch-nemesis in Zack Gustafson, a junior hack screenplay writer who's scripts make better chicken feed than classic movie magic.

But to Milo, she's nothing more than the subject of his experiment, and he can't believe how attached the other students are getting to her. When the school learns of Henrietta's proposed final fate, they're willing to do almost anything to save her … even if it means turning the school's number one loser into a star!