Purchase the Books

The links below will take you to the main pages of several on-line bookstores which can help you to locate most of Gordon’s current titles. Please note, if you cannot find the title you are searching for in your own country, it may still be worth checking the bookstores in another region.

I just purchased a copy of I Want to go Home from Indigo, when this title has not been available in the United States (new) for many years.

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United Kingdom
Barnes & Noble
Amazon UK

On-Line Auctions

Please note, you can sign up to have information on any Gordon Korman auctions at e-bay e-mailed to you. For information, CLICK HERE. To conduct an up-to-date search of e-bay for Gordon Korman material, CLICK HERE.

Other On-Line Sources

Since other sources do exist, we'll do our best to provide links to them, as well, though the prices can often be higher than what the books go for in the ebay auctions. Click on the following links for other Gordon Korman book sources:

www.bookcloseouts.com -- Sells new books that are in the process of going out of print, often at great discounts. Check it out -- I like this place!

Half.com -- This is ebay's non-auction service for buying and selling. This search should pull up a list of which Korman titles are available, pretty much in order by selling price.

Amazon.com -- Along with their services for new books, Amazon also offers both auctions and their zShops options for book hunting. Unfortunately, they don't provide a link which can direct you right to a search page. Click to go to amazon, and look for their internal links to auctions and zShops.

www.abebooks.com -- Provides a search service for used books. Sometimes prices are good,sometimes not.

www.bookfinder.com -- Another option for used titles, again no guarantees regarding pricing.