Macdonald Hall Goes Hollywood 

From the book: 

Boots O' Neal opened the door of room 306 to find a large globe cedar shrub sitting dead center on the floor.
"Bruno?" he called. "What's this bush doing here?"
"Hey, Boots," came the reply. "How was class?"
Boots looked around nervously. Bruno was nowhere in sight. "Where are you?"
The bush trembled, then rose, and Bruno appeared from its depths. "Hah! It works!"
Boots was still confused. "Are we going to a costume party?"
Bruno laughed diabolically. "Dinkman squealed to The Fish about me yesterday. I bet Cutesy Newbar put him up to it. He can't stand to share the spotlight with anybody else. I don't mind that so much. What gets me is all my scenes are cut out of Academy Blues."
Boots laughed. "There probably isn't a tap-dancing garbage picker in the script, you know."
"Well, they'll never spot me in this bush. I'll just blend right into the scenery."
Boots threw himself down on his bed with a groan. "You promised The Fish that you'd stop bugging Mr. Dinkman."
Bruno shrugged. "How can a bush bug anybody? It just sits there."
"Are you going to just sit there?" demanded Boots. "Or is this particular bush planning to jump up and recite Shakespeare?"
"Of course not," said Bruno indignantly. "I don't know any Shakespeare."

Jordie Jones was up early the next morning. While the cast and crew were at breakfast, he had finished his and was sipping a glass of orange juice, leaning against his trailer, and watching the dawn break over the deserted campus.
The outline of the ivy-covered Faculty Building became defined, and the three long dormitories appeared in pale gold light and began to cast their shadows over the lawn. The young movie star sighed and wished himself a part of it all.
And then one of the shadows moved.
A large round shape came away from Dormitory 3 and ran stealthily around the side of the building. Intrigued, Jordie jogged over to investigate. But there was nothing there -- just the shrubbery that hugged the brick wall.
He frowned in perplexity, positive he had seen something. Finally, with a shrug, he turned to go, taking a big swig of juice. He winced. Jordie hated orange juice, but Goose insisted that he drink lots of it because the vitamin C would fight off scurvy, elephantiasis, paper cuts, etc. Checking that Goose was nowhere around, he tossed the remaining half glass into the bushes and jogged back to his trailer.
A certain globe cedar sputtered and spat.

"Freeze frame!" barked Seth Dinkman at that night's screening. He got up and stared at the screen intently. "That bush," he said, pointing at a globe cedar, "is not supposed to be there!"
"How's that, boss?" questioned a cameraman.
"Because ten minutes ago it was over by the door!"
They all watched closely as the footage continued. When Jordie stood by a window, the bush was there; when he came out the front door, the bush was there; when he appeared around the side of the building, so did the bush.
"Okay," said the director. "How did this happen?"
"Well, come on, boss, how are we supposed to know it isn't a real bush?"
Dinkman was raving. "You don't have to be a botanist to know that bushes don't have feet!"
"Look!" cheered Jordie. "They have heads, too! It's that guy!"
"This is ridiculous!" moaned Dinkman. "These private schools are supposed to have so much discipline! Why can't they keep one lousy kid out of my movie?"

Copyright © 1991 Gordon Korman, used by permission

The students of Macdonald Hall are all quite excited when the Hall is chosen as the backdrop for teen-star Jordie Jones' new movie, but none are as excited as Bruno Walton, who is convinced he will soon be a star.

But the course to stardom is seldom smooth, and though he tries one trick after another to put himself in the film, the picture's director is always there to throw him out again. Bruno soon decides he has had enough, and for revenge on how he is treated, decides to booby-trap the movies' young star's trailer; but when he discovers that Jordie is actually envious of the Hall boys and their fairly normal lifestyle, Bruno is on a new crusade, to help the star fit in at the Hall.

While Bruno tries to keep Jordie from being mobbed by his enamored female fans at Scrimmage's, the teen idol continues to try and find a way to get Bruno into the film. But the director is adamant, while there are places for Boots, Elmer, Sidney, Chris and Wilbur, there is none for the irritating Bruno Walton. And with the school's wilderness survival program, Die-In-The-Woods coming up, time is rapidly running out for Bruno Walton, Mega-Star.