Ultimate Scoring Machine:
I Was Jerry Rice

From the Book:

"Do you guys smell smoke?" mumbled Rice.
"No," Coleman replied, sniffing the air. "Maybe ... kind of ..." He looked down. "I'm on fire!"
Rice leaped into action. He whipped the burning apron from around Coleman's waist and began to beat it against the top of the serving table. Soon the fire was out. But not before the smoke had wafted into the smoke detector on the ceiling.
The high-pitched, piercing beep of the alarm drowned out the raucous voices in the mess hall. Hands rose to cover ears. Suddenly, the mess hall sprinkler system sprang to life, showering everybody with water.
In the midst of this chaos, Elliot cupped his hands to his mouth and bellowed, "The TV, Chuck -- it's not waterproof. Save the TV!!"
The counselor jumped up. He'd confiscated this thing; now he was responsible for it. He tucked the hand-held set in the crook of his arm.
He began to run, hurdling chairs, tables and campers like an NFL rusher. His stutter-stepping feet directed him between the sprinkler-heads, keeping the TV dry.
Rice watched him through the spray. "Wow," he breathed. "The kid's got some moves."
There was a lot of laughing and slipping as the drenched campers sloshed behind Chuck out into the late day sun.
"Did you see Chuck?" Crowed Coleman. "For a guy who hates football, that was highlight film stuff!"

Copyright © 1998 Gordon Korman used by permission

When his sister caused him to miss playing in the Hawaiian Bowl by stealing his magical football jersey, Nick Lighter is determined to switch places with one of the NFL stars in the Tokyo Bowl. Too bad he hadn't counted on his folks sending him to Camp Flagler Bay for part of the summer.

Unfortunately, while he and his friends, Coleman and Elliot, are ready to play football galore, their football-hating counselor, Chuck, explains that Camp "Flag-on-the-Play" doesn't allow any football, at all. The three campers find themselves in big trouble every time they try one of their crazy trick plays, and when Chuck catches them trying to watch sports news on Nick's portable tv, he confiscates the tiny unit.

Can the Monday Night Football Club boys change their counselor's mind about football in time to watch Nick play in the Tokyo Bowl? And what kind of camper will Jerry Rice make, when he finds himself in Nick's body? Ultimate Scoring Machine will have you laughing at the answers.