Super Bowl Switch:
I Was Dan Marino

From the Book:

"Mr. Sargent! Mrs. Montrose!" piped Matthew. "Coleman won't wake up!"
When they ignored him, Matthew shook his buddy. "Come on, Coleslaw. We're here."
Dan Marino lurched awake and stared at the eleven-year-old standing over him. "Yeah, sure, kid. I'll sign your autograph book. Got a pen?"
"You're weird," snorted Matthew. "Come on, let's go."
Marino stared out the window. Crowds of people swarmed in all directions. Taxis whizzed down the avenue, cutting each other off. The sound of the big city echoed through the bus.
"This looks like New York!" the quarterback exclaimed.
"I wonder why?" Matthew said, sarcastically.
"But the Super Bowl is in San Diego! What happened to my earrings?"
"Mr. Sargent! Mrs. Montrose!" called Matthew. Then again, louder. "Mr. Sargent! Mrs. Montrose!" He ran off the bus and all but threw himself into the teachers' arms. "Coleman's scaring me! I think he's gone crazy!"
Marino appeared in the doorway of the bus. What was he doing on a road trip with 50 kids? Sure, all the Dolphins enjoyed spending time with their fan clubs. But not on Super Bowl Sunday! And definitely not three thousand miles away from San Diego!
He reached up to scratch his chin and felt smooth skin where two days of beard growth was supposed to be. Had these kids shaved him as he slept? Were they fans or kidnappers?
Suddenly he realized that the boy reflected in the big round mirror over the door was scratching his chin, too. He was looking at himself!
"I'm a little kid!" he blurted.
"You're a little kid in big trouble if you don't get off the bus," Mr. Sargent told him. "Come on, everybody. Line up. We all have to sign in at the front desk."

Copyright © 1997 Gordon Korman used by permission

Its Super Bowl Sunday and Coleman Galloway has the chance to wear the amazing number 13 Eskimos jersey that allows the kids of the Monday Night Football Club to trade bodies with actual NFL football players, the chance of a lifetime!

Unfortunately, his school has scheduled a field trip to New York City on the same day, and the only way his mother will let him out of the house with the jersey is if the incredibly hot, itchy sweater is hidden underneath his own clothes. The miserable heat causes him to fall asleep on the school bus, triggering the jersey's magical powers.

Coleman, a confirmed chicken, finds himself in the body of Dan Marino, too afraid to play the kind of high-intensity game Dan is famous for. Marino, meanwhile, wakes to find himself on a bus with 50 children who think he is one of them. When the 'impostor' Marino on television begins losing big-time, Dan drops the scratchy football jersey, dumps the class, and tries to find a way to cross the country before the game ends. But without the jersey, will Coleman ever make it home? Or will Marino be stuck in a child's body for another ten years?