The 6th Grade Nickname Game

Jeff and Wiley have been best friends almost since birth (born at the same hospital, hours apart) and nicknamers extraordinaire. They're the ones who nicknamed Old Orchard Public School 'Oops' for it's initials, and they have nicknames for almost every student enrolled.

It takes but a moment of inspired thought to name the enormous high school football coach (Mr. Hughes) who takes over their 6th grade English class Mr. Huge. But when the dedicated but unorthodox instructor's job is on the line, thinking of a solution is a little harder.

Enter Cassandra Levy, a new student who's parents just bought the old Gunhold place on the outskirts of town. She's got red hair, the wildest of skirts, an incredible fondness for all forms of endangered species, and the attention span of a fruit fly. While Jeff and Wiley can't figure out a good nickname for her, they can see she's got some good ideas to save their teacher's job.

But as the lifelong friends find themselves competing for Cassandra's attention and friendship, Mr. Huge's job may not be the only thing on the line. Will some red hair and an injured bird manage to end their incredible partnership?