Why did the Underwear Cross the Road?

When his 4th grade class starts a good deeds contest, with the winners going to Tidal Wave Water Park, Justin Zeckendorf is determined that he, Jessica Zander, and Margaret Zachary are going to win, big-time! Though his teammates are among the smartest girls in class, they aren't really what you'd call big thinkers.

But Justin is an Idea Man who is convinced that the way to win is through wild ideas. And while he can't get anywhere with his plans to build a giant satellite dish and provide free cable for his entire town, or to dump a ton of instant mashed potatoes down Niagara Falls, there are still plenty of other good ideas in his head.

Unfortunately, when each of Justin's new ideas fizzle spectacularly, and their teacher starts 'awarding' them with negative points, the Three Z's find themselves in last place, and falling further behind in a hurry! Justin figures it will take a really major good deed to come out on top. Can the town possibly survive?

This book was once listed in publishing catalogs as 'The Three Z's', though I have not ever seen an actual copy under that name.